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Why This Blog?

They do things right in Ukraine. A friend came back and said that you can’t just start up a church over there just because you want to or because “the Lord led you”. Anyone wanting to start a new congregation must demonstrate how this new church will contribute something new that no other church is already doing. If they can’t, church leaders assume that these newbies haven’t really heard the Lord. They see redundant repetition as a crippling of what the Bible describes as a healthy Body of Christ. Makes sense to me.

Why do we need another blog – this one, mine, in particular? First a few reasons as to why we don’t. This isn’t about my ego. I do have one but it’s on a leash and muzzle most of the time. I don’t need the cheap gratification, or fame “lite”, of seeing my byline or mug on the Internet. I’ve had my taste of fame/notoriety and have learned that fame/attention/notoriety get in the way of significant work and creativity. I’m not lonely. When I went on Facebook, I went for six months without a friend. At the end of six months, my wife finally broke down and “friended” me. But we were already friends. And finally, I’m not bored. We had our TV cable service removed because we weren’t watching it. We were busy with other things that meant more.

So why do we need this blog? I’m writing because people on college campuses are special to me. Be it an “Ivy”, a major state university or the local community college, students on campus spend a number of years in one of the greatest places on earth. Colleges are great places for a number of reasons.

Universities stand as powerful centers of influence both in our culture and in the world. They are one of the incubators of everything secular as well as spiritual that rises and moves into society at large. If we graduate without learning to think, we flunk with the diploma in our hand. Widespread skeptical ignorance now passes for what used to be called thinking. Working the muscles of the mind still stands as one of life’s most satisfying experiences, not to mention that thinking also equips us for lives of significance and impact. The world continues to shrink and one of the places where the crossroads of the world meet is on campus. The university provides a microcosm of the larger world with a mix of peoples and ideas to be experienced nowhere else.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I believe the university provides a great opportunity to grow spiritual muscle. Faith, like a muscle, grows by working against resistance. The early church in Acts didn’t have a Christian ghetto to hide in. The challenges in thinking and living in college add calluses and muscle that will stand for a lifetime. Also, history tells us that Jesus Christ likes campuses too; He shows up there in ways that can (and have) changed the world.

And I don’t want even one student to miss all this. Especially you. That’s why this blog.

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  1. Randall Glass permalink

    Good Stuff. Thanks for reconnecting.


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