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Dave “Don’t call me Geezer” Swartz

Dave Swartz began to follow Jesus Christ during something in the late sixties and seventies called the Jesus Movement. He is now sixty-four himself (hence the term “geezer”). He graduated from that Harvard-of-northwest-PA Clarion University (Hoo-wah, Golden Eagles!) and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. He pastored for ten years in Iowa (…”where the corn is as big as an elephant’s eye”. Oops, that’s Oklahoma.). Anyway, they have pigs big enough to require license plates and you should visit – especially Dubuque.  He also racked up another twenty-five years in the Detroit area bumbling around in the pulpit at Bethel Baptist Church . He has hosted talk radio and taught extension classes for Cornerstone University. He jumps around to different things because moving targets seem harder to hit.

He’s been married for forty-one years. He was once asked, “…to the same woman and everything?” Yes. both cumulatively and exclusively. He’s a captured man and likes it that way. He has four grown children (two by birth and two in-law), all of whom can have a kidney (or other organ) removed on demand with a teaspoon should they need it. These four have given us seven grandchildren – all of them delightful mixes of God’s image and emerging depravity. Dave thinks jazz is sacred music, that a half hour spent with a book is better than a half hour spent with a lot of people and that college and university towns rock.

He scribbles down his thoughts from time to time. These include Dancing With Broken Bones (NavpressThe Magnificent Obsession (Navpress), Embracing God (Harvest House), discipleship materials for Lifeway, magazine articles in Decision Magazine and others as well as book review articles for

For over thirty years, he’s traveled to campuses in the U.S. and Canada encouraging students that today’s university is a great place to explore Jesus Christ and to dig out what it means to follow Him.

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