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It’s Time…

August 24, 2015

Not always do we stand on such a well-defined edge of a life-changing time. Now is one of those times…welcome to the campus.


It’s time (as some old friends would say) to get things started…It’s time…To cram a car, maybe rent a trailer or hit on a friend with a pickup and come back to campus… To see if we can negotiate eight flights of stairs clogged with three couches without dropping any of the stuff we carry but can’t see over…To buy stock in the Maruchan Corporation. They make Ramen Noodles and they’re stock is about to go on steroids; buy now and sell off next March before everyone goes home…To find out if the Christians we’re excited about rooming with this year are better than the fang faces the computers threw us in with last year. To take all the deep breaths we can. When the first professor in the first class utters their first syllable, our heads will drop and the note taking will start. Many won’t come up for air until…

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