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St. Fred…Patron Saint of New Roommates (Repost)

March 19, 2015

Thinking new roommates? Here are some guidelines…


If Facebook tells me anything this time of year, it says that it’s time to unload old furniture and roommates from the netherworld. Facebook sports blurbs like, “Does anybody need a fridge/microwave for next fall? Ours is slightly used. The tomatoes we exploded inside it are from last fall and should be dry by now.” Or “We need a third roommate to share rent as we live under the front porch of the Xi House. Cozy if you don’t mind a little noise.” Wouldn’t it be great to have some sure-fire way to know if that person you think would the perfect fit for next year doesn’t have some hideous secret life or might be wanted for insect genocide in Uzbekistan? Maybe we need a quick shout out to  St. Fred…the patron saint of new roommates? He voices the eternal optimism that the next one won’t be a loser…

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