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geezeronthequad – Love Will Just Chase You to the Ground

November 25, 2014

Jesus captured people. He’s being doing it since the first Christmas. When people pay serious attention and/or stop bending Him into weird shapes through ignorance or self-justifying fantasies, Jesus Christ gets under the skin and into our bloodstream. He seeps with loving relentlessness into the heart like fog creeping under a door. He gets into the mind and we not only can’t pry Him out, we find ourselves losing any desire to try. Sadhu Sundar Singh, a powerfully used evangelist in India in the early 20th century, sat with a circle of Hindu holy men. They asked, “What did you find in Christianity that you did not have in Hinduism?” He simply replied, “Jesus.” Anyone I know who pulled away from their faith only to come back later, all responded to one draw – Jesus. They missed Him.

Over the next few posts, we’ll look at a number of ways Jesus entices the hearts of those He pursues.  Here’s the first; He came and He sees. The Bible speaks powerful truth about our world and the universe it floats around in. The cosmos is vast but not empty. Our world is a creation, not an accident. Our smallness amazes; we’re a pencil dot, a dust speck compared to other bodies just in our part of things. But this beautiful little blue ball bleeds and cries. And as love cannot stand to hear the crying or see the tears of the one loved, God came. He had to. And not just to the world but to the unseen pain of unseen people.

In Genesis 16, we read the shabby story of life in Abraham’s household. His wife, Sarah, couldn’t have children – a huge social disgrace coupled with the pain of anyone struggling with fertility issues. Her solution? She would give her handmaid to her husband and claim the resulting child as her own and the family heir. “Consent” didn’t enter the picture. The handmaid’s name was Hagar. Just the Holy Spirit’s naming her in the text gives her more dignity than Sarah or Abraham did.  Hagar conceived but smoldered against Sarah with the only weapon she had – her anger. She found ways to sting Sarah until Sarah could stand no more. She complained to a spineless Abraham who booked out leaving Hagar at the mercy of Sarah who simply had none.

Hagar ran for her life, a pregnant woman alone on the run in the wilderness. At least that’s what she thought. Resting by a spring, Hagar was anything but alone. The angel of the Lord ambushed her with, not just survival, but promise, hope and everything but a marching band. Before “street view” on Google Maps or GPS, God knew right where she was. He knows right where you are. Campuses, for all the big buildings, can be desolate lonely places. This is one of the big logs on the fire of the hookup/party scene. Same with student suicides. The Holy Spirit used Hagar to unknowingly (The Spirit does a lot like that.) reveal something we forget. “You are the God Who sees me.” Look through all the other religions, philosophies or spiritualities. You won’t find anything like this. Gods who don’t exist can’t pay attention to anyone. Even if they did, they just aren’t so inclined from what we read.

A friend of my son wanted to get a tattoo of the Hebrew rendering of Hagar’s naming of God. Since she knew I’d studied Hebrew (Insert the sound effect of my professors laughing until they choke and spew snot bubbles out of their noses.), she asked me to write it out. She wanted it so she could share her faith. I wrote it down and today she has Hebrew on her arm that probably says, “Your grandmother is a big blue banana.”

The God of the Bible tracks pregnant abused women through wildernesses. He gets His hands dirty – and wounded. He counts our breaths and saves our tears in a bottle. He knows our campus better than the campus maps or virtual tour on the university website. And He tracks every step and heartache on it. He has come. He sees us. He comes to capture and transform the crushed and empty to fill them with His light.

Be sure and take a look at the geezeronthequad Christmas Store. A lot of people who read have more Jesus wiffle dust on them than me. That’s why you will find some pretty cool things there to feed your heart or at least have a good beat to dance to or that you can hang on the wall to cover what’s already there (For some of us…PLEASE pray about the wall thing. Just saying.) And Byron Borger at Hearts and Minds Books will give you a holiday 20% off if you say you read this blog

If you think this might encourage a college student or someone who loves them, then please share, Twitter, subscribe and all that social media stuff. If you already subscribe, then think about joining Geezer 1. Take a look. It’s the Facebook clubhouse for It’s a mix of students, student ministry leaders, professors, administrators, writers, artists, musicians, composers, pastors, businesspeople, broadcasters, booksellers, theologians, cultural thinkers and entrepreneurs and a few campus rats who think that Jesus Christ thinks that universities are special places. You coming on board will make us better.

Please return your seat to the upright position and give your infrared night vision goggles to the attendant as you exit to the rear. See you next post at


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