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geezeronthequad: The Christmas Store 2016

October 16, 2014

Forget Halloween. It’s is SOOOO yesterday. Christmas gear and stuff takes over store shelves like a creeping bread mold. So here we are with the third geezeronthequad Christmas Store. Students shoppers for Mom and Dad have already played out that large tin of popcorn, the sausage and cheese package from the kiosk at the mall or the another T-shirt from the campus bookstore where we can further deplete the money that our parents may have put in our campus account  instead of cracking into our own hard cash. Buying them a Christmas gift with their own money…it has a certain mildly admirable shrewdness but you can’t do this for four years.

I keep telling people that Geezer 1, the online playhouse for holds a lot of sharp cookies and here they are. Browse around and don’t hesitate to pick out something nice for yourself. If you really want some fun yet tough holiday choices, go to that Christmas book megastore (The store isn’t mega but the inventory and spirit are.), Hearts and Minds Books, where Byron Borger will give you an across the board 20% discount if you say you thought of it here


Jeremy Pape – Worship Revealed: A Thinking Worshipper’s Primer

Chuck Gutenson – Church renewal, justice and the common good.

Brenda Salter McNeil – Social justice and Christian witness.

Trevin Wax – Christian teaching, church renewal and apologetics.

Phil Callaway – Humor.

Steve Lutz – College ministry leadership.

Kathryn Stegall – Biblical equality for women.

Guy Chmieleski – College students and campus ministry leaders.

Tim Dalrymple – Sports.

Karen Zacharias – fiction, essays, social commentary.

Lisa Sharon Harper – Christian witness and social justice.

Scot McKnight – Biblical theology.

John Stackhouse – Biblical theology and cultural comment.

Owen Strachan – Biblical theology and cultural comment

Sonny Lemmons – Mr. Mom Dad and spiritual journeying.

Kelly Monroe Kullberg – Campus ministry, apologetics and worldview.

Randall Balmer – Christian History of US, cultural commentary.

York Moore – Evangelism and social justice.

Harold Fickett – Bio, Christian cultural thought and living.

Joel Green – New Testament theology.

William Edgar – Apologetics.

Con Campbell – New Testament theologyj.

Amy Julia Becker – Parenting, children with difficulties, faith and culture

Amy Simpson – doubt, struggle and mental health

Jessica Leep Fick – Evangelism and encouragement

Justin McRoberts – Encouragement and thought provoking

Wesley Hill – Theology

Michelle Van Loon – Christian living

Garwood Anderson – Theology and New Testament

Erica Young Reitz – Life after college


Thomas Joseph (composer) – Contemporary classical music for solo, small ensemble and orchestra.

Con Campbell – jazz.

Steve Swartz – acoustic/electrical atmospheric.

Bill Carter – jazz.

Daniel Justice Snoke – praise and worship.

Greg and Rebecca Sparks – contemporary Christian, contemporary issues, praise and worship

William Edgar – jazz. All proceeds from CD sales goes to Chesterton House, a Christian study center at Cornell University.

Songs of David – jazz. Home base where a lot of Christians in the jazz world show their stuff.



Mark Altrogge – artist, landscapes with surreal color.

Bonnie Liefer – calligraphic artist. All proceeds go to the Coalition for Christian Outreach, a regional ministry to the campus based in Pittsburgh.

Lancia Smith – photographic art

Bette Lynn Dickinson – nature with a twist

I think this is everyone from Geezer 1 who floats in the crushed asteroid belt surrounding But maybe to keep yourselves sane on campus, you crochet pot holders with the faces of early church fathers on them. Or you have scored the hymns of Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley for that tuba band you play with on weekends and your first CD is out. Maybe you’re breaking out a new cookbook for campus ministry (How to fillet a wildebeest with accompanying veggies for forty students coming to your house in fifteen minutes for a last-minute fellowship. You’ve done this almost a hundred times.)  Then get yourself in here with whatever you have or do that could top the twenty T-shirts Grandma already has from our U. If we do art of any and all kinds, music, cook or write and I’ve left you out, email me at Disclaimer: This isn’t Craigslist: I won’t meet you at a dingy taco stand to see if I want to list your old socks (However, most of our old socks might be better than some of the socks I’ve seen on campus.)

As I suggested, we might also want to check out something nice for ourselves as a target of post holiday cash. Spread this around on social media or share it with your tribe. Tis the season. Back soon with a regular post from





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