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You’re All That and a Bucket of Guacamole!

January 2, 2014

I just checked out a blog listing “The Blogs Every Christian Should Read” and find myself not included. That’s three years in a row and I give myself high marks for consistency and biblical faithfulness. Another blog touted “The Top 100 Most Popular Christian Blogs On the Internet.” I came in at 187,435. That’s a huge move up from 201,234 last year and I owe it all to you guys.

Seriously, I don’t spend much time paying attention to numbers. All that notwithstanding, subscribers to more than doubled this past year (Ignoring the twenty-five times I subscribed myself, that’s still pretty cool.). And so did additions to something on Facebook called Geezer 1. You bestowed on me the highest compliment anyone can lay on a writer – you read what I wrote. Maybe you nodded your head or chuckled (I hope there was some of that. The Lord thinks we’re all a little funny.). Maybe you ripped out your hair, screamed at your computer or other device or just gagged. But you gave me your time, attention and thought. No gift bag or spool of ribbon I know about is big enough to hold those. Humbly, thank you. If you cancelled me (If you did, you won’t see this.), I hope you found something that sounds like where you and Jesus Christ share the same space right now. Once or twice, I was tempted myself to cancel at least eighteen of my twenty-five new subscriptions. The lists are out there so browse away. The one you land on instead of me may well be one of my favorites. isn’t for everyone by design. The focus is here. For Sabbath, I actually go to campuses (Michigan State, Univ. of Virginia, Cornell, Harvard, Western Ontario among others) supposedly the armpit of Satan to just walk around and sense the Holy Spirit rippling through the grass. The grace of Jesus Christ can land on one’s cheek in special way on a university campus; it’s the most strategic mission field in the world. Not everyone (and sometimes it seems like hardly anyone) gets that. Everyone rushes to chocolate, vanilla and strawberry; is pralines and cream – unique and edifying to those who get it without the sinful elitist sprinkles on top. Along with my continued concerns for the Kingdom of God spreading on university campuses, I will continue to attempt to convert all of Geezer 1 and to embrace jazz over lower life forms of music. Surrender now; resistance is futile.

If anyone currently subscribing to this blog isn’t part of Geezer 1, you’re missing some good stuff. We’re a mix of students, student ministry leaders, professors, musicians and artists, cultural thinkers and campus rats (that would be me) who know that Jesus Christ does some cool things in and through today’s university. What shows up there from them is some really sharp, deep stuff; they offset me well. All going into Geezer 1 get also. If you already subscribe (thank you) and want to be part of me and the rest of the Mouseketeers at Geezer 1, you can join from the Facebook page.

Next post will continue the series on spiritual experiences – what they mean, why people have them, etc. We started already here, here and here. If you think these or anything else we do here would encourage a student or those who love the university, then share, subscribe, tweet and all that social media stuff.

Meanwhile please return your seat to the upright position and return your infrared night vision goggles to the attendant as you exit the rear. In 2014, I know that together we can crack the 150,000 barrier – I just know it. See you next time on

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