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You Are Worth Many Rodans

October 28, 2013

Meet Rodan. He flies and stuff in movies that really used to scare people. Now those movies comically entertain because they’re cheesier than a box labelled “Kraft”. Other things look like they should fly but mascot_squad_landing - Copydon’t. And some do and we never notice – like sparrows. When was the last time we saw one? The answer is more likely to be “Who cares?” rather than “I don’t know”.

I opened the first post here with a bad old joke. What’s green and white and has 86,000 legs? Answer: I don’t know but it’s crawling up your back! (I said it was a bad joke.) Better answer: The student population of Michigan State University. Walking around there a couple weeks ago, I noticed again how easy it is to be just one pair of 86,000 legs, to be lonely on campus. And the answer to this is just as likely to be “Who cares?” Going home every weekend not only doesn’t really help us avoid loneliness but cheats us of the things that can make university years an enriching thing. The quest for finding someone to be a cork in the bottle neck of our emptiness brings some to stick their toe into the party, binge drinking and hook up scenes only to find their loneliness deepening.

Re-enter the sparrow. Jesus loved talking about them. In Luke 12:6, He said, “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God.” Why would anyone buy sparrows in the first place? Simply, to eat. Sparrows were the meat of the poor in biblical times and today in some places. Since there’s obviously not much meat on one, you would need a pile of them to make a meal. The going rate was two for a penny. Five for two pennies? Buy four and get one free! Jesus knew that everybody loves a sale! But that means that one of those out of the five isn’t even worth a half cent.

The free bird, the one not worth half a cent, is the one God sees. “…not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father.” (Matt. 10:29) Some students are sparrows. Seen, maybe, but unseen as someone worth knowing and loving. Who cares?  The shadow of college suicides points to sparrows who never get a good answer to that question. Sparrows are pretty cool actually. In proportion of size, humans haven’t built much to exceed their speed in flight and maneuverability. And their coloring, while subdued, is beautiful.

God must not only know but like what He put into sparrows; He made millions! You’d think He’d lose one once in a while. At least one might drift off His radar. Jesus says no. Even the sparrow, either the bird or the student who doesn’t feel they’re worth a half a cent, comes under His intense care and notice. LanciaSmith says this so much better than I can. So enjoy and share it if you know someone who feels they’re not worth a half cent to God or anyone else.

In recent days a lot of spewing and foaming has gone on around a conference named Strange Fire. The convener, John MacArthur, said some pretty strong things about the Pentecostal/Charismatic part of the Body of Christ. I’ll let others slug that one out. The next few posts here at will take a serious look at spiritual experiences. The Holy Spirit doesn’t take His cues from preachers or theologians as to what He can do, when He can do it and for whom. People have these experiences of encountering the living God and either don’t know how to interpret them or are afraid to talk about it because they have no one who understands. The next post will lay out the score, key and time signatures of our tango for the next few posts. I will come with humility. The Old Testament (Numbers 22:21-39) tells the story of a man named Balaam and his talking donkey. The donkey only spoke when it had something from God to say. The donkey’s descendants not only think everything they say is from God, they get themselves ordained. The fastest way to grieve and quench the Holy Spirit is to strut like we know all about His ways and pontificate to others our “truths”. The fruits of the Spirit and all his work wither under the caustic acid rain of our pride. I will come softly since I will be handling delicate things in the deep places of people’s lives. Maybe yours.

If you think something here might encourage a student or someone who loves students, then share, subscribe, twitter and all that social network stuff. If you’d like to be part of a gang who knows what kind of cool things Jesus Christ can do on campus, take a look on Facebook at something called Geezer 1 and ask to join. Or you can shoot me a friend request here.

Please return your seats to the upright position and return the infrared night vision goggles to the attendant as you exit to the rear. See you next post at

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