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Return of the Zombie Quilters…

August 27, 2013


They’re back…and they’re hungry…only one thing will satisfy them…they want you. From campus to campus, the names sound like “Bronco Bash” or “Main Stage”. It’s the time right before classes start when all the clubs and organizations have a big blowout looking for fresh meat… uh, new members. Some are professional (Young Taxidermists), some political (Republican Druids for Peace and Pretty Good Karma), some artsy (Descendants of the Monkey Gods Performance Arts Troup), some social (Info Snatchers in Corduroy), some athletic ( A Capella Ping Pong) and some unexplainable (Zen Yahtzee, Fig Newton Line Dancers and, last but not least, Zombie Quilting Guild – I want one of their shirts.). Be it note pads and sticky notes, pens and pencils, mugs (good score!), low credit limit credit cards (Watch out here!) or free food, they all shove their flyers in our face thinking they can own us in exchange for a free foam drink…

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