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Thin Places

January 3, 2013

Thin places – actual situations and sometimes geographic places where the membrane separating eternity from time and space is so thin that anyone present can sense the power and beauty of what lies beyond. Often, thin places link to certain Christians and their work or to places where spiritually important things happened. Not everybody knows about them; they lay invisible to most. But they’re real. I can’t lay out hard evidence for them but believe in them deeply both because of the history of the church and the word of Christians I respect. None of these people have ridden UFO’s or gone to the nightclub Jimmy Hoffa owns where Elvis still sings every night. In teaching on the theology of spiritual experiences, I point out from Scripture that God loves us so much that He almost cannot restrain Himself and breaks through when times and purposes line up; He ambushes us with truth,  grace, power, beauty, holiness and love.

So what’s all this noise about “thin places”? I just got “geezeronthequad’s” blog tally for 2012. And I had to write. Hits almost doubled and “” got into twenty-six countries, countries I wouldn’t be able to enter if they knew that I really did look like my passport photo (including the United States and Canada). The university campuses of the world sit bathed with the wind of God – thin places. I’ve been to quite a few so don’t let anybody (especially other Christians who don’t see it) tell you differently. Appearances don’t lean that way; secular noise sounds off. The evil one lies and roars a lot. If, in 2012, I’ve spat out one semicolon that directly or subliminally encouraged a student to hang in there or sparked some fire in the gut of a campus minister, it’s all good. I can’t tell you what it is to stand up in front of a large group thing, have “” mentioned and have students hoot, squawk and yell because they already been there. A “woo hoo” from a student beats a letter from the Nobel Prize selection committee.

Here’s a list of some of your favorites and mine for 2012 – the top ten.

The Dark Season, Part 3

Dracula Was a Baptist…and…

It Doesn’t Matter…

St Fred…Patron Saint of New Roommates (contains good criteria for evaluating candidates)

Go Mess Up Someone’s Computer.

Vanderbilt…And Then They Came for Me.

John 1:19-37 – Big Bad John.

Don’t Be Yourself.

Why Am I Here?

Calling – When Wildflowers Bloom On Our Manure Pile.

COMING ATTRACTIONS – Next post continues the idea of calling with a look at “Thinking”. Also some clarification on my speaking guidelines if/when I get to visit some of you as listed on the page “Speak, Geezer, Speak. Woof”.

Prayer points for 2013. Certainly all the family, health and ministry things. Jesus has done such a great job with so many things in our lives beyond and in excess of what I’ve prayed over that I never want to take that for granted. But all of you get this love affair that Jesus has with the university. So pray that as I speak on campuses this year that something of the Kingdom of God hits and sticks in the hearts of students I speak to even as I become as forgettable as quickly as possible.

This will be a publishing year for me. After twenty-nine years of hitting campuses, I’ve pulled together an e-book that lays out what an aging Jesus Freak might share with a new generation. I have great respect for you who have gone this route. Without sons who know what they’re doing, this wouldn’t happen. Navpress sets the publishing/spiritual bar very high and a few years ago challenged me to touch it a couple of times. They now are building a “classic” series of books that have represented them well over the years. They’ve asked me to enter the circle of their Christ centered excellence and I entered on my knees before they realized they had the wrong person. I’m glad to be able to rewrite this thing because the original reads so badly. And I am especially humbled to get to work with a particular editor I’ve admired for decades. We’re brothers joined at the hip of our souls. He will be tough. My ego will get sanded. I will get stretched out on the rack of his passion for Christ and His Kingdom. It will be great. I can’t wait. The book is about sin so at least I have the topic nailed.

If either of these projects make it to the “made for TV” stage, we’ll be negotiating with Tommy Lee Jones to play me.

Thanks to all who subscribed, followed, tweeted, shared or just stopped by. If you shared anything I wrote with just one person (even if it was one of the 27 pink werewolves who live on the dark side of the moon and worship a marble statue of Bette Midler), I’m graciously honored.  And of course…please return your seat to the upright position and return your infrared night vision goggles to the attendant as you leave to the rear. See you on the next post at “”.

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