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Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues…Or Is There (Remix)?

May 26, 2012

On campus one night, I said, “I am sixty-one years old…today.” As the applause died down, I said, “Thank you, my favorite color is blue, my size is ‘medium” and the stores down the road are open 24-7.” Then came the present better than anything I could get in a store. “You don’t seem anywhere near sixty-one.” I don’t think so either but there lurks inside me an inner “codger” who gets out occasionally. So let me vent him now.

When I was your age going to college, books were engraved on rock and there were no wimpy backpacks to carry them in. No buses on campus and the freshman dorms were so far away from everything it was like walking to Nicaragua for breakfast where we had gruel. No meal plans. Same for lunch and dinner. And there was none of this Charles Dickens “Please, sir, I want some more.” (Oliver Twist was a wimpy punk!). Papyrus hadn’t been invented. Neither had language. Profs grunted and scratched themselves and we just had to remember it as best we could because you couldn’t write anything down. There was no Facebook when we left campus for the summer. We just clamped our teeth down on sticks and screamed it out for three months. And we were just glad to have sticks to clamp our teeth down on…

Okay, I’m back and my inner “codger” is locked up with his pudding. Terms are winding down and thousands of students will head home for the summer. Summers can be tough. Many new Christians  only understand their new faith in the context of the campus. Home can be a desert with non-Christian families and friends. Some have no church home or a family church that doesn’t serve up much spiritual meat on the bone. Add to that the stress of the job search to help with tight finances. While I didn’t have Facebook (I am on it now), I wish I had. Today we do and we should work it like mad through the summer to keep each other strong. Be sure to give quick responses through the summer; someone else may really need the encouragement. One guy writes, “Hey, everyone! I miss y’all guys like woah. LIKE, WOAH.” He’s not alone.

I’d like to help. First I’d like to put a couple of things on your summer reading list. One is “Surprised By Oxford” by Carolyn Weber. A young woman takes her sin and brokenness of to grad school at Oxford – and finds Jesus Christ. If we’re tired of hearing the baloney about how the university is death to faith, this book brings home a slice of all the good things that Jesus does on campus that we will miss this summer. A second is “Meeting God In the Flesh” by Don Everts. This little beauty glides under most people’s radar and is a spiritual IV speeding Jesus Christ into our deep places. Hearts and Minds Books will give the usual discount if you say the “Geezer” sent you. Both of these will be fresh oxygen for the hot summer.

Finally, all posts on this summer will be Bible studies from the Gospel of John for students away from campus and for student lovers on sabbath reloading for next fall. Each study will have both a heart application (personal) and a “street” (ministry) application. If these help anybody at all, please spread them around.

Hot summers can be spiritual winter. Let’s help each other out there. If you think this will help students and those who love them, please share, twitter, forward and all that social media stuff. If you want to stay connected, you can subscribe here, shoot me (David Swartz) a “friend” request or ask to join something on Facebook called “Geezer 1”. The newbies have to buy pizza for the rest of the gang

Please return your seats to the upright position and had your infrared night vision goggles to the attendant at the rear as you leave. see you next post at

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  1. please pray for me. I’m growing a second head


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