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It Doesn’t Matter…Remix

April 2, 2012

It doesn’t matter….why the latest celebrity couple split (except to them)….that a Kardashian might get married next week (regardless of which sister or what number of wedding it might be)….who is dancing with the stars….whether or not the Men in Black are real ….that our school floated like a brick in the March NCAA bracket ….that some professors go to desperate lengths to hold the attention of tired, inattentive students slipping into anesthesia heading into exams….

BUT….it DOES matter….

…..what happens at the end of my life (and yours), since anything that ends with me dying, is no game and is a big deal….if there’s really a God (capital “G” as in Ultimate Kahuna as opposed to little “g” as in the gods we make up who look like us or who are so homogenized and politically correct, they sound like Barney, whom I’ve described as a big, purple stooge). Whether or not God exists, death does and it covets our hide. And will get it. When that time comes and the guacamole hits the fan, the spiritual buffet will be closed and we’ll hit Whatever Is at warp speed….if God both exists and has spoken to us to let us know He’s around and what He’s like. A smart guy named Michael Green said that if God exists, it doesn’t matter what we think of Him; we’d better find out what He thinks about us….if anyone, even just one person on the canvas of the world’s history, uniquely shows us something serious enough to trust as God….if the claims Jesus Christ made about the root problems of humankind (sin) and Himself (authority to forgive sin-Mark 2:5-7, made Himself equal with God, the unique giver of eternal life and the judge of every human being who ever lived-John 5:17,18,24-29, the only way to God-John 14:6) are true or not….if He rose from the dead as He said (I Cor.15:3,4). I’ve been a grave-digger; everyone I planted is still there….

BUT….it REALLY, REALLY matters…. 

…..if we can know for sure that these things about Jesus are true (not my truth, your truth, your roommate’s goldfish’s truth but crash-into-it-in-the-dark-even-if-I-don’t-believe-it truth). Another smart guy named N.T. Wright waded through almost eight hundred pages writing about this to say that the only thing that rationally explains the origin, continued existence and belief of Christianity from the first century was that Jesus Christ rose from the dead as He said. Can we know? If anything here resembles some prickly question that keeps rudely popping up in our brain no matter how we try to bury ourselves in numb partying (That spinning room thing in the aftermath is a bear and a half, isn’t it?) or keep pounding our heads with that hammer, go here. If this really gets to you like horseradish on a donut, go here or here.

     The final thing that REALLY, REALLY, REALLY matters….

… how badly we really want to find out….”and you will find him, if you search for him with all your heart and with all your soul.” (Deut.4:29)

William Wilberforce, the renowned British abolitionist, embraced Jesus Christ while still living with family and all the family’s aristocratic friends shared their sympathies with the family over this terrible thing that had happened. After a few months, some friends of his mother came to visit and inquired as to how things were with this new madness of William’s. Having observed the radical, yet sweet, change in her son, she replied, “If this is madness, I hope he bites us all.”

Christ is risen as He said. May He, in His grace, bite every one of us.

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